Why Use A CCIM

Business people make big decisions that impact more than just the bottom line. When the decision involves commercial real estate, start with enlisting a professional who has earned the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation.


In today’s real estate market, a CCIM offers the total package needed to gee the job done right: practical skill sets, proven industry experience, comprehensive education, a suite of online resources and access to a network of CCIM members across the nation and around the world. Plus, CCIMs are bound to the strictest ethical guidelines and standards of practice in the industry today.


CCIM professionals bring these competitive advantages to every brokerage assignment, lease negotiation or consulting project. A commercial real estate transaction can be complex and challenging to complete. A CCIM has the knowledge, experience and resources required to provide smart solutions. CCIMs apply this expertise to transactions and consulting assignments involving every commercial property type: offices, industrial properties, retail centers, apartment buildings, hotels and motels, senior living facilities, special purpose real estate and land.


Who’s Behind the CCIM Designation?


The CCIM designation is conferred by CCIM Institute, a commercial affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®. The Institute is headquartered in Chicago and maintains a staff of 60. Learn more about the value of working with a CCIM. It’s been the right decision for commercial real estate users and investors for nearly 40 years.


Call 800-621-7027 or visit www.ccim.com.


CCIM Institute
430 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611


CCIM Education: The Industry Standard


The CCIM curriculum focuses on financial, market, user decision and investment analyses — the cornerstones of real estate use and investment today. The complete program totals 200 classroom hours and rivals college graduate-level education. All CCIM courses are revised regularly to keep current with the changing industry, and case studies used in the classroom reflect real-world challenges. Since its inception, only established CCIMs — successful practicing professionals from all segments of the industry — have served as CCIM instructors.


In fact, the program is held in such high regard that many public and private companies license the delivery of CCIM courses to their real estate staff.


Unparalleled Online Tools


AlI CCIM Designees have access to the most comprehensive suite of online marketing and analytical resources offered by an industry association. It’s been that way since the computer became a mainstay in the day-to-day business world. The programs many brokers and consultants now use have been in the hands of CCIMs for a decade.


Founded in 1969, the CCIM program is based on these underlying principles:

  • Deliver the best education in commercial real estate.
  • Keep the course content timely and vital to accepted practices.
  • Recruit seasoned profess ionals co teach CCIM courses.


Take CCIMNet, a dynamic commercial property listing site co sell or lease properties. The site allows CCIMs to market properties to fellow members or any interested party worldwide. Properties listed for sale or lease hold the distinction of being marketed by a CCIM Designee. CCIMs also have unlimited access to the Site To Do Business®, an invaluable source of custom demographic and mapping reports, aerial and topographical images, financial analysis cools, environmental information and more. To keep pace with sales and economic trends, the online RERC/CCIM Investment Trends Quarterly provides insightful market perspectives, economic forecasts and transaction data.


Global Resources, and Growing


Today, there are CCIM Designees in every U.S. state, across Canada and in more than 30 nations overseas. Domestically, the network encompasses more than 1,000 markets, large and small. Globally, CCIMs comprise the world’s largest commercial real estate brokerage network. This powerful force means a CCIM can close a deal or provide a referral across town or across the globe.


Through the CCIM Partners initiative, Designees now have a formalized network to do more business with each other and serve clients more effectively.


And, in an industry that requires expertise, CCIMs also have developed one or more specialties:

  • Appraisal
  • Asset management
  • Brokerage
  • Consulting
  • Corporate real estate
  • Development
  • Institutional investment
  • International real estate
  • Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Property management
  • REIT transactions
  • Sale-leasebacks
  • Tax-deferred exchanges


The preceding information is presented with permission from CCIM. Visit www.ccim.com for more information.