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Sumner Commercial Real Estate provides a wide range of services for the commercial real estate industry. Commercial real estate sales is about providing accurate assessment of the risk and benefits of buying or leasing a particular commercial space that will suit the needs of business better than another one. To that end, we perform preliminary research about the building and the prospective client to understand their specific needs, characteristics and challenges. We build close relationships with our clients, whether it is the seller/landlord or potential buyer/tenant. We serve as an impartial direct conduit of communication between both parties. Since commercial real estate property will likely be one of the biggest, most stable and most profitable investments you will ever make, we provide counseling for property performance and investment goals, property evaluations, development potential, market analysis and 1031 exchanges.


Commercial Real Estate. It’s What We Do.


Commercial Property Specialties:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Disposition
  • Property Management [Learn More]
  • Leasing
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Property Evaluation
  • Market Analysis
  • Investment Analysis


We have a long list of professionals in other fields such as accountants, attorneys,insurance agents, builders, bank officials, lenders, title companies and escrow officers and 1031 specialists to help us guide the buyer, seller, lessee and landlord through the issues that may arise from disposing, acquiring, or managing commercial properties.


In these uncertain economic times it is ever increasingly important to have a professional that can help you navigate and identify the opportunities of this recessionary market and its subsequent recovery. We provide professional advice and market knowledge to help you find the best strategies and solutions for either your current properties or your future investments. Sumner Commercial Real Estate has experience and knowledge of commercial real estate transactions, whether you are looking to acquire, sell, lease, and develop commercial property or need property management services.


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