Commercial Property Management

Do you need property management services?


Managing commercial rental properties is a full time job. Competing effectively in today’s market requires more skill and knowledge than in the past. Having a dependable, knowledgeable and conscientious property management company that communicates with you, is your best solution for management of your valuable asset. Sumner Commercial Real Estate offers property management services to commercial property owners.


What is commercial property management?


Commercial property management starts with the creation of a relationship between Sumner Commercial Real Estate and the owners. This allows property owners to collect regular cash flow from the buildings they own while being detached from the day to day issues that may occasionally arise. Sumner Commercial Real Estate also develops a relationship with the tenants, because satisfied tenants mean less vacancies and good referrals. We become your liaison to the tenants to take care of day to day necessities and maintain your property. We acknowledge that our primary customer is the property owners but it is the tenants business that provides the cash flow, and we maintain a level of cooperation and respect between owner and tenants. We also maintain and cultivate relationships with various contractors and service professionals to get the best rates and quality service.


As your property manager, Sumner Commercial Real Estate will take care of the business, maintenance and legal aspects of property rental. We maintain regular personal communication by phone or email to keep you informed and up to date. Our services can be as basic or as comprehensive as suites your needs.


Some of our services offered are:


  • Finding and screening tenants
  • Contract and lease negotiations
  • Oversight of tenant improvements
  • Collecting rents
  • Paying expenses, mortgages and taxes
  • Security
  • Utilities
  • Handling tenant complaints
  • Oversight of maintenance and repairs
  • Routine inspections
  • Monthly reports
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis & Adjustments
  • Handling evictions
  • Annual reports, 1099


Why use Sumner Commercial Real Estate


One of the foremost advantages of having Sumner Commercial Real Estate as your property manager is that we are a local company. We are customarily available and respond to all inquiries, requests and grievances, if any, in a timely fashion and follow through to an acceptable outcome for all parties involved. We are also familiar with the community, current market and economy, as well as state and local regulations. Property owners can benefit from the experience, efficiency, dedication, communication and hard work of our highly skilled and qualified property management team in the following areas:


  • Project Planning & Supervision
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing and General Business
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • People Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Continuing Education


As a client of Sumner Commercial Real Estate, we will work closely with you to provide comprehensive property management services. We provide accurate accounting, consultations and recommendations on issues that affect the property performance. With a strong presence in the local commercial real estate industry, we can offer the cutting edge technological tools, property management expertise and market knowledge to provide with superior management services.


Let us put our experience and success to work for you.

To start enjoying convenient and affordable property management, contact us today.